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If you want to sell vacant land

We offer no obligation quotes

We pay all closing fees

We pay back taxes due

We offer fast closing so you get money in the bank fast

Why sell your land?

Do you ever think, 'how do I sell my vacant land?' or more to the point 'how do I sell my land fast?'. There are many different reasons you want to sell your unwanted land, ranging from financial difficulties to being unable or willing to maintain the land. Below are just a few reasons:

  • Financial hardship

  • Tired of paying taxes for unused land

  • Sick of the burden

  • Health digression

  • Death in the family

  • Unwanted land passed on by family

  • No longer have a use for the land

  • Relocating

  • Liquidating assets for retirement

The list goes on but what ever your situation, we are here to help!

Vacant land is by it's nature, harder to market and sell, added onto that closing fees, commissions and costs can add up to a high percentage of the value of the sale. All this on top of the stress and back and forth with all parties involved. Any costs and commissions paid up front including for marketing the property for sale, if the buyer pulls out at any stage you are back to square one having paid money out of your own pocket.

Land is also harder to sell due to the fact that banks and other lenders do not want to finance the purchase, narrowing the potential buyers down to cash buyers only. Land compared to a rental property for example is usually not cash generating so any potential buyer will typically not be able to obtain a loan.

Both of these combined can lead to the property being sat for months if not years waiting to be sold while taxes and duties are building day by day. 

Why Sell
The process
the process
Step 1

After sending us your information we will make some initial checks into your property, we will then make a decision based on if your property fits our investment criteria.

Step 2

Based on step one, once we have passed our checks, we will make you an offer in writing being either a purchase agreement or an option agreement and explain what the next steps are. 

Step 3

Once we have an agreement on the offer, we will formalize that in writing and instruct a local title agent or attorney depending on the complexity to close the deal. We of course will cover all the costs involved in closing.

Step 4

Finally, once we have completed our title search and the deal has been completed and closed, you get paid, we will make payment direct to your bank account, deal completed and off your hands!

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