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Acerca de - Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us, set out below is our privacy policy:

  • Data submitted via our Get An Offer page to is submitted to us in confidence. We securely store that information you provide in order to get in contact with you and begin discussions. We will use that data to do preliminary searches on public available records. Your data is stored and we DO NOT sell or give away for free this information to any third parties unless you expressly instruct us to do so. We take your submission of the form as acceptance that you approve us to use your contact details provided on the form to get in contact with you. Only when we have come to an agreement on a deal will we use that information to pass onto a third party be that a title company, attorney or person authorized to complete our deal. This is only to legally proceed with the completion of the contract based on our agreed deal.

  • In addition to the above, the only other third parties we would disclose your information to is our data storage provider. Further to that we will only pass on your data if required by law and law enforcement.

  • Data submitted on our contact area located on the bottom of each page of is also stored in accordance with the above. Again we DO NOT sell or give away for free this information to any third parties unless you expressly instruct us to do so. We only use the information submitted by the contact us form to contact you. By submitting this data you give us authority to get in contact using the methods you submit. 

  • When you visit our servers may automatically log standard information your web browser makes available online. If you want further details of the breakdown of this information please consult your browsers data use terms.

  • Our cookie policy is also set out and you will have either accepted or rejected these upon your visit to this website. Within our cookie setting and automatically turned off is an option of marketing cookies to be stored, it is within your right to turn on this feature if you choose to do so. This data is stored and not passed on to any third parties as detailed above and is only used for our own marketing rights.

  • All personal information you input into the Get An Offer or Contact Us page is not stored UNTIL you complete the reCaptcha and then press submit. By pressing submit you consent to the data you have input being stored.

  • We store your data digitally and not in paper form, any data we store is kept as long there is a legal reason to retain. That being said, no data stored digitally is 100% secure and we can therefore not guarantee data is completely secure.

  • At any time, you have the right to request that we remove your data from Please email us on and ask us expressly to dispose of all information we hold. We will remove all information apart from information we are required to hold legally. It will also depend on the stage of our deal as to how much information we are legally able to dispose. 

  • If you are under 16 years of age you must have consent from a parent or guardian to use and submit any data to

  • You may at any time request from us a list of information we hold on you at any given time, if you wish us to provide such a list please get in touch with us on the email listed above.

  • If we are acquired by a third party and we sell our business as a going concern, your data understandably will be transferred to the new owner as part of the sale. At that point we will no longer have access to your information and the new owner will take control of the data. At that point your data will come under their own terms and privacy policies. 

  • We hold the right to change this policy at any point, if any changes are made we will update this page. 

  • As at the time of writing this the owners of this domain are Matthew & Kathleen not affiliated with any registered LLC and are operating as sole proprietors. 

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