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Q: How does the process work?

A: We are investors, land is hard to value and hard to sell, therefore we will offer slightly below what is perceived to be market value. We have two routes, route one we take an option agreement, this allows us time to contact our cash buyers and if successful we will then proceed to take up the option on your land and put a purchase agreement in place. This allows us to offer you more for your land, or the second route, route two is to offer slightly less than previously mentioned and proceed straight with a purchase agreement. This route gets you your money fast but we would need to offer less that the option agreement. Either way once the purchase agreement is in place we either close in house, via a title company or an attorney and get you paid as fast as possible!

Q: Can I sell my unwanted land if I have outstanding taxes?

A: Yes, we will factor in the level of back taxes outstanding and come to an agreement with you. We cover all costs that includes running a search on the property to ascertain the exact amount due and once the deal is closed we will pay off those taxes. You no longer have those debts hanging over your head and it doesn't cost you a cent!

Q: Can I sell vacant land if it has outstanding liens?

A: Yes again, we of course will take into consideration how close the lien is to being foreclosed and determine if we can complete the deal before the process may begin. If the timeframes are acceptable we will proceed once a deal has been agreed.


Q: Why wouldn't I just sell the land myself?

A: There are several reasons vacant land especially can be inherently difficult to sell, the market for vacant land is a lot slower than real estate. Buyers find it hard to get funding for raw land so you are looking for a cash buyer more often than not. Due to these reasons sellers sometimes offer seller financing, instead of receiving the full sale price up front the seller will receive small payments over years and act as a lender in a sense. Just as any lender will confirm if the buyer stops making those repayments they then have to go to court to either receive the sale price in full or take back the property which can be costly and time consuming. It can take months if not years sell land on the open market.

Depending on the deal you have with any potential buyer usually its custom for the seller to pay all closing fees, add onto that the cost of marketing the property for sale and any potential commission. The commission percentage will typically be higher than a house sale to make up for the much lower sale price, all these costs can add up to be a high percentage of the final selling price. That is after sometimes waiting months or years for a buyer to come with an offer. If that buyer for any reason pulls out at any stage you are back to square one usually having paid money out of your pocket to get the deal to the stage at which the buyer could potentially pull out for one of many reasons.

Q: Do I have to pay closing fees on the sale of my land?

A: No, we pay all the closing fees and costs, you don't have to pay a dollar, we will pay off any back taxes, once the deal is finalized you get paid on the basis of our agreement, money in your bank.

Q: What if I do not have a copy of the deed to my land or if I don't know the parcel number?

A: Not a problem, all we need is the information marked as required* on our form, we do a title search and get the information from the county records. Once we agree on a deal we will progress with either a title company or attorney to see the deal through from start to finish and close in a timely manner so you get paid ASAP!

Q: How long will it take for me to get paid?

A: We both want the deal to be finalized as soon as possible, every deal depends on its complexity and situations with back taxes and liens can also slow the process. But once we have a purchase agreement in place and instruct the title company or attorney to begin proceedings depending on the aforementioned we would aim for a maximum of 4-6 weeks, sooner if the deal leans towards being more straightforward. 

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